Differently Abled

Our Mission is to…

Our Mission is to serve the members of Ben Hill UMC and the community at large, who are quite capable of accomplishing a particular task or performing a particular function, but only in a manner that is different from or takes more time than the person without a disability. We organize and support educational opportunities for the abled and disabled community.

We provide ongoing support and empowerment to those persons and their care partners when facing challenges of long-term illness through seminars, training and resource provision. Many of these services have been provided through the development of partnerships within the church and the greater community. all of the focus involves and encourages participation with sister churches and the community. There has been a special focus on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and memory loss along with cardiovascular disease.



Our Meetings are held…

4th Thursday of the month at 2:00PM

We are…

Going to provide some more information in the near future.



Our Servant Leader

Anita Harris, Servant Leader
Email: akh1908@aol.com