Embedding the Vision

— Sharing, Loving, Connecting —

“Our vision is to share God’s love and make disciples of Jesus Christ by connecting people to God and one another wherever they are and across generations.”

Embracing the Vision Initiatives: In an effort to garner a deeper meaning and application of the first part of the Vision Statement, “Sharing God’s Love,” a year long devotional book on love entitled “The Love Walk,” by Amanda Beth, (implemented in the Embracing Vision 4th stage of the visioning process) was recently completed by clergy, ministry leaders, and recommended for all members.  For more, visit the History page.

Vision Embedding Committee (VEC): To support and extend beyond the fourth stage of the visioning process, in May 2017 the Vision Embedding Committee (VEC) was established by the Senior Pastor. The VEC will provide leadership in identifying initiatives that offer a deeper, more generic connection to the Vision through the sharing of personal stories and other transformative efforts and related ministry procedural recommendations.  To this end, VEC is currently producing VISION STORIES submitted by Ben Hill members.  This initiative will be fully presented to the congregation and the greater community in the near future.  Also,  in keeping with the second part of our vision statement, a new Sunday School curriculum based on the Six Marks of Discipleship is being developed.

Vision Artwork:  The vision road background represents our spiritual journey both individually and collectively as we actualize our faith.  And, it is symbolic of the relationship with Our Lord who is high above but always close, available, and right there when we need Him.  The focus of the vision flourish icon is the cross which represents our peace, power and purpose through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus the Christ, and from it we reach out to connect and encourage other followers and multiply the Kingdom of God by proclaiming the Gospel to the unsaved.

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