Prayer Vision Area

The vision of the Prayer Vision Area is that Ben Hill United Methodist Church will become a prayer based church where prayer is central to everything we do. Prayer becomes a means by which each church member and group will grow in understanding the deeper works of God, the truth of the words of Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It is written MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED THE HOUSE OF PRAYER…Matthew 21:13.

The mission of The Prayer Vision area is to 1) equip the church body to greater harmony; 2) guide us to pray kingdom purposes (God’s will); 3) encourage believers to pray outside of our comfort zones; 4) move people to consider TRUTH they may not have walked in before; 5) experience a deeper passion for Jesus Christ thru a growing vibrant prayer life; and; 6) encourage family altars.

Ministry planning meetings are held on first Saturdays at 10:00 AM. Contact Emma Dumas, Vision Area Chair Servant, at and Gail Stafford, Work Area Chair Servant at

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Corporate Prayer

Corporate prayer is an important part of the life of the church, along with worship, sound doctrine, communion, and fellowship.

Front Line Intercessors

Their vision is to be effective intercessors for the uplifting of God’s Kingdom by praying for the world,nation, community and local church.

Pastors' Prayer Team

Laity pray with the pastors before 7:30 AM church service at 7:15 AM each Sunday for worship in truth, invocation of the Holy Spirit, exaltation, encouragement and exhortation during services.

More Prayer Vision Area Ministries

Power 24/7 Prayer Team

Prayer is our power surge as we connect to God our power source. Laity volunteer to pray during one of the 24 hours of the day at the time, length and place of their choice facilitating continuous power flow.

Sacred Spaces Prayer Team

Laity and clergy pray for each area of the church to be a sacred space for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. These daily prayers are for peace, harmony and holiness in God’s House.

Sunday Prayer Class

A 12 Week Prayer Class is offered to aid Disciples in having a prayer focused life in the development of our spiritual disciplines. These classes include a biblical curriculum to be studied prior to each week’s class and is designed for both seasoned and beginners.

Sweet Hour of Prayer (Men's Prayer Circle)

The purpose of the Sweet Hour of Prayer/Men’s Prayer Circle #1 is to seek and extend the ministry