Date: 04/11/2019

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Shalom , I am Sherina Timms from Malaysia. I have set up a virgin coconut oil business and have my first enquiry from a potential customer from USA (God bless USA).He had requested some virgin coconut oil sample to be brought into USA. I need to get the products to be approved by FDA. I have started this business up with the intention to help my brother to create a source of income for living and for me to use it to finance my mission work in Africa (poor & heavily oppressed Christian who need help), Thailand, Malaysia and other countries. I have invested a lot of my personal saving from my alimony into this business and have not gained any profit yet. I was oppressed, disturbed, intimidated and outnumbered in Africa by the Enemy. As I am not an American and do not know any good American friends, please pray that Abba Father will lead God fearing people from USA to help me get the FDA compliance application for approval. More USA customers to buy this virgin coconut oil from my company .I will be protected by Abba, Father all the time from the Enemy.
Thank you for your prayer. God bless you.

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