What We do?

At Ben Hill we believe in discipleship. The scriptures tell us that disciples are followers of Christ-individuals committed to Christ’s mission of love and are willing to make following, being in fellowship, and working for Him their priority (Luke 14:25-27). We also believe that discipleship is an ongoing process, a commitment to transformation, as we allow Christ to work in our lives, so that we might be guided and empowered to do the Lord’s work wherever we are-at home, at work, at church and in the community at large.

We want to help NEW DISCIPLES understand and grasp the Ben Hill vision; we want to connect them with resources that will enhance growth in their relationship with the Lord; and we want to provide valuable information intended to help find places and ways to be involved in the ministry of this church.

Embrace the concept of discipleship and become a true disciple for the body of Christ at Ben Hill United Methodist Church.