“If you received a provisional ballot, voted absentee or early,
FRIDAY, November 9 at 5pm is an important DEADLINE
to confirm that your vote counted.  Please read below to see
what you must do to guarantee your vote counted.  Thank you
for taking these extra steps to ensure justice is served and that
all votes are counted.  Please spread the word!”
Pastor Thomas


FROM The Daily Kos  (11/8/2018)

Thousands of Georgia voters cast provisional ballots on Tuesday amid widespread voting barriers. In addition to record-breaking voting roll purges, there were mass reports of machine malfunctionsfive-hour lines, and voting machine shortages on Election Day.

Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is in an extremely tight, uncalled race, and it is crucial that every single vote be counted before a winner is declared.

If you received a provisional ballot, you must take immediate action to guarantee your vote is counted. You have until tomorrow, Friday, November 9 at 5pm to verify that your ballot was counted.

The New Georgia Project has provided guidance for anyone needing to confirm a provisional ballot. Here’s what to do:
  1. Go to County Election/Registrar’s Office before 5pm on Friday, Nov 9
  2. Present your provisional receipt letter to Clerk/Registrar
  3. Present documentation as needed
  4. Get proof of your vote being counted
This is what you’ll need to take with you:
  • Proof of citizenship
  • ID (examples: drivers license, government ID, school ID, conceal carry license)
  • Provisional ballot receipt letter (if you have it)

Still need help? Not sure if you received a provisional ballot? Call the voter protection hotline toll free at 866-OUR-VOTE or visit

If you absentee or early voted, Friday, November 9 at 5pm is the deadline to confirm your vote was counted. Visit to see your personal voter page and enter your information.

If you need help confirming your vote, or your status doesn’t read “Accepted,” call toll free 866-OUR-VOTE or visit at any time.